​Kooiman Apparatenbouw B.V. has extensive experience in producing high quality process equipment.

The process equipment we manufacture is tailor made and rather complex. We offer the possibility to specify your needs and requirements up till the point it exactly complies to the set expectations. The production plant has a workforce of highly skilled, and motivated personnel. The ability of Kooiman Apparatenbouw B.V. to live up to the client’s requirements makes it possible to deliver high quality products.
  • Heat Exchangers

    One of our main products are heat exchangers (shell & tube). We deliver all possible Shell & Tube TEMA types like Fixed, U-tube, Floatinghead and Kettle type exchangers. Also double pipe, falling film, spiral exchangers and air coolers are part of the production program. All up to a weight of 30 tons.

  • Pressure Vessels

    Another main product group of Kooiman Apparatenbouw B.V. are pressure vessels. We make pressure vessels with a diameter to 4.000 mm and a weight of 30 tons. They are manufactured up to a wall thickness of 80 mm.

  • Others

    Besides pressure vessels and heat exchangers we also renew parts of existing equipment. Please find other items of our product scope.