Shell’s Prelude FLNG

Shell’s Prelude FLNG

​Today, Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE:RDS) announced plans for the construction of the Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) Project, the world’s first FLNG facility. Shell plans to moor the Prelude FLNG some 200 kilometers off the Australian Coast at the Prelude gas field for 25 years, where it is expected to produce the equivalent of 110,000 BOE per day.

Once completed, the Prelude FLNG facility will not only be the world’s first FLNG facility, but will also hold the title of the world’s largest floating object ever constructed.

Just how massive is it?

Fom bow to stern, the Prelude FLNG measures 488 meters long (that’s more than 1,600 feet) and 74m wide That’s longer than 4 football fields laid end-to-end, including end zones. That dwarfs the massive Emma Maersk by 300 ft and even the late Knock Nevis supertanker by nearly 100 ft.

When fully equipped and loaded, the Prelude FLNG will weigh around 600,000 tons – that’s roughly six times as much as the largest aircraft carrier. It will be constructed with 260,000 tons of solid steel – that’s more than three times more steel than the Golden Gate Bridge. Its tanks can hold the equivalent of 175 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

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